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Coal Road CrossFit is dedicated to providing fitness training for the real world! We strive to create a challenging and motivating environment in order to reach our clients goals of health, fitness, and a lifetime of wellness. We make it our sole job to get our clients to a better fitness level and lifestyle. Coal Road CrossFit training is NOT like your typical gym. Do not expect to find mirrors, complicated machines or rows of treadmills parked in front of TVs. You will use bodyweight, barbells, ropes, rings, kettle bells, medicine balls, and other functional fitness tools to complete workouts that are designed to train you for real life.

You will run, row, jump, and of course pick things up and put them down all while using proper form and biomechanics. Workouts vary in intensity and strength which can be modified pending the individuals fitness level. No matter what the situation, we will reach your desired goals and surpass them!

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