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Ashley Herrmann


Ashley has been a competitor since she was young. Everything from swim team, horse back riding, triathlons, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field and cross-country. She has worked in the fitness industry since she graduated from Elon University, Exercise Sports Science, in 2005 and has never looked back. Her goal has always been to help improve everyone’s overall health no matter what his or her goal was. She has competed in several triathlons, 5k’s, 10k’s, ten milers, half marathons and Olympic lifting competitions in her adult life. She continually enjoys pushing herself to the next level, even if it is outside her comfort level.


Personal training has been apart of her life since she graduated. She managed a local GLOBO gym for 3 years and then moved on to be the head personal trainer for the next 6 years at a local personal training company. Ashley experienced CrossFit for the first time with her husband. She loved it! She felt that she had a purpose and a goal every workout. She loves the team aspect, the camaraderie and the motivation everyone gives each other. The passion she felt afterwards is what drew her to learn more. She knew this was a change that she needed for herself in addition to coaching her athletes. She loves seeing results in herself but most importantly the results she has seen in her clients, (stronger, faster, better mobility and confidence) since she switched her coaching to the CrossFit philosophy. This is what attracted her to now becoming an owner with her husband Siggy Herrmann. They compete with each other; yet cheer each other on when the other finishes first. She looks forward to sharing this love with so many others in the community.